lobster rolls and four-leafed clovers

I've been so busy this week! There are five paintings in different stages of completion around my studio... two small experimental pieces that I hope to share this weekend.

We celebrated the first few days of warm, dry weather with an inaugural Lobster Roll and Plane Watching picnic this week at the beach down the street from our apartment. Jets and cargo planes fly super low over Castle Island before landing at Logan airport across the harbor... it's pretty cool to watch.

Photo Apr 09, 7 21 28 PM.jpg

There are few things better than relaxing with a Summer Ale and a locally-caught lobster roll the size of my foot.

Photo Apr 10, 1 34 43 AM.jpg

Our picnic spot is under a tree by the shore, in a Super Secret Four Leafed Clover Patch... Mike found the first one of the year. Winter feels like it lasted forever this year... I'm happy that Spring is right around the corner.

(both photos taken with Instagram)