the only thing

Almost a year ago Amanda contacted me about commissioning a painting based on her travels with her husband... I jumped at the chance and over the next several months I sourced vintage maps, letters, travel brochures and luggage tags from Peru and Argentina to compliment her beautiful travel photography (the first time I have ever used anyone else's photography in my work.) I also found a few vintage trunk stickers from Buenos Aires and a few other destinations and incorporated text from Amanda's beautifully written blog posts about each location they visited.

While I normally sketch out custom work before beginning it, I had a little trouble getting my ideas to flow with just pencil and paper this time ... so I just started playing around on a blank canvas and "The Only Thing" was born.

The Only Thing (2012) 24"x20" mixed media on canvas

The Only Thing (2012)
24"x20" mixed media on canvas

I really liked all the details in this one.

Though I don't normally offer prints of commissioned works, Amanda sweetly encouraged me to make them available in my Etsy shop. "The Only Thing" is available as a limited edition print in 14"x11" and 20"x16" sizes... there are only 100 prints of each size and about half have sold already. They are individually titled, numbered and signed on the back.