morning work

This morning I got up early, fixed a cup of coffee, threw on my apron and got right to work painting and creating in my studio. I don't think I've ever been so productive during the daytime before! Yesterday's 14-hour marathon packing session left me totally caught up on shipping sold orders and able to devote all of today to working... the result was two new paintings headed to be scanned tomorrow, and the start of a fun project dismantling a found fruit crate and trying not to get tetanus.

Here's what's happening lately...

The beginning of this morning's painting.

Sneek peak of "The Last Day."

A vintage fruit crate... before I ripped it apart.

Sweet golden afternoon light in our living room.

Building a new website, wishing I was napping on the cable box.

Packing up "Inspiration" to ship to its new home in Switzerland. With help.

My guy. On our way to do some end of summer camping.

First day of September. Definitely excited for fall!

A recently finished commissioned work.


I guess that's about it! This summer has definitely been one of the busiest I can remember in my life... Instagram is so easy to record "in the moment" snippets of life (especially in the studio when I don't want to risk getting paint on my good camera... my iPhone is already a lost cause).

After labor day Boston definitely switched into "fall mode" right away... lots of coffee shops announcing their pumpkin lattes, the farmers' markets announcing the last of their summer bounty, sunny but chilly walks to the post office... but I think there are still a few more summer adventures to enjoy and more summer artwork to be made, right? How are you spending the last few weeks of your summer? Any fun plans?