I took a good amount of photos while working on this most recent painting... here are a few detail shots of the layering and progression from start to finish before I share it later this week:

Dusk at my easel. Starting my first new painting in over three weeks. Not a lot of progress just yet.
Layering the background of "Ever So". Using this morning's coffee to create real coffee rings on the new painting... as is ever so, on the road ;) Details in "Ever So" Dave Matthews Live at Red Rocks is influencing this corner. #resultsmightbeweird #hesprettycrazy
Details in "Ever So" Headed to the print shop!

I'm really happy with this one. It's sketch-like, almost like a journal page, rustic and southwestern and faded just like I hoped. I used my morning coffee to create real coffee rings on the canvas. There are old seed packets, nails, layers of fruit crate labels, Colorado trail maps and cut up words from a vintage Petrified Forest visitor's guide. A couple envelopes from the Idaho and California forestry service. As usual, I wrote in lyrics from the music I was listening to along the margins; this time it was Dave Matthews Band Live at Red Rocks.

It's weird, and awesome, how some paintings just sort of guide and create themselves.... sometimes it's like I'm just a vessel for an idea, and a set of hands to move pieces of paper and paint to where they already decided they needed to be. I dunno... I just love it.