late summer boat life

Mike and I packed up for a few days sailing together off the coast of Rhode Island this week... we sailed five hours from Jamestown to Point Judith, where we docked and slept, took photos, ate lobster, watched the fishing boats chug in and out of the harbor, and did some cove swimming on the way back. 

We were hesitant to do this trip at first ― the last time we sailed out of Narragansett Bay the waves were very large and very, very scary ― but the only way to get over something is to do it (and, ironically, sit in the scariest, wettest part of the boat and pretend you're on a water park ride!) and with late summer sneakily creeping upon us we decided to just go. It was a good choice... you should always just go.

Woke up here. Sail day 2. Boat jumps! (I don't know how to dive.)
 In the weeds. Now this is a lobster roll. 
photo.JPG Hoisting the main  photo.JPG Playing with nautical maps.

After our trip, Mike stayed on the boat for a few more days and I came home to work with all my newfound treasures and edit the photos I took with my good camera, which will be used in some delicious, golden late-summer-flavored artwork. The last photo is a peek at a painting in a new framed series I hope to finish by the end of summer :)