97 degrees + more

The temperature hit 97 degrees here in Boston today, half our neighborhood lost power and half our building lost air conditioning... I took all of those as signs from above that the only logical thing to do was grab a blanket and a book and head to the beach down the street.

97 degrees.

Logan International airport is just across the harbor from South Boston, so huge jets fly low over Pleasure Bay to land... I could watch them all day. In the sun. Eating a lobster roll. I wish it was tomorrow already so I could just go do this again.

Young Heart in progress.

Here's a peek at a piece I finished yesterday. I think I painted and re-painted the word restless about 50 times between 1 and 3am before it looked right... but that's just how it goes. It's at the print shop being photographed today and hopefully ready to share next week. So much new art! I love feeling inspired.

Lastly here is just a photo of fat little Chubby Boots rolling around all over my hard work because hey, why not? We like to live dangerously around here.

Chubby boots himself.

All taken with Instagram (@maechevrette)