"Kingston" "Correo" and "Golden Gate"
"Correo" (4" x 4") and "Kingston" (10" x 8") collage on panel

I grew up in Seattle and spent a lot of time traveling up and down the Oregon and California coasts with friends before (and after) moving to New England. I haven't been out west in like... wow, years. Sometimes I flip through albums from my most recent trips out to west when I'm feeling especially homesick or wanderlusty... I've made Boston my home right now but the breezy, rocky + laid back west coast will always be my home.

Anyway after sifting through sweet memories last night I picked a few and paired them with vintage San Francisco-bound envelopes (my current favorite medium to paint on) to create a couple vintage polaroid-y collages. I am really digging the techniques I've taught myself over the last year... I finally feel like a uniquely "me" painting style is coming together and I can execute the kinds of artwork that I have in my head.

These two pieces and a couple more will be available in my shop on Wednesday... "Kingston" will be made into a print as well. Fun!