on art theft, and turning it around

It's always a bummer to come across my artwork altered, stolen or just haphazardly printed off the internet, which is how the last week started. Sometimes people really don't know any better and are happy to change their behavior once understand the issue... sometimes they know better and just don't care. (And in this case, she sent me icky messages on Etsy, recruited her friends to harass me, and specifically let me know "my printouts of your work look great on my walls." Yikes.) To see my artwork stolen is frustrating; it's ugly, illegal, and it also takes away from my ability to support myself. To hear people (who likely have jobs and do work they expect credit for) justify theft of my hard work with all kinds of excuses is heartbreaking.

So I was frustrated. Sad. Irritated. And almost like, This happens ALL THE TIME! Why do I even bother making and selling artwork when some people will just steal it! And other melodramatic feelings. And then my boyfriend gave me a bear hug, and he poured me a glass of wine, and I grouched a bit more before deciding to turn the negativity around by filling the rest of the week absolutely full of the things I love about life and being an artist.

found this at the beach :)an afternoon of oysters and beer an afternoon of oysters and beer pondering things at sunset boston from castle island 7 minute mile rearranged studio go on field trips

We took an afternoon off to enjoy a loooong lunch of seafood and Sam Summers on the waterfront. Ate local ice cream at the beach down the street from our apartment, watched the sun set over Boston. I ran my first 7-minute mile. Rocked out at the Green River OrdinanceGraham Colton concert. Spent the entire weekend enjoying the sunshine with our good friends. Gave my studio a fresh spring look, organized my supplies, and dove headfirst into finishing a couple new pieces to be hung next week. Found a four-leaf clover at the beach and was reminded that I am really lucky - and it will take more than trashy art thieves and one bad day to change that.