Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working. - Pablo Picasso

inspiration, in progress

I started this on Friday and was so excited to return to it this morning :)

At the end of this week I'm heading to the lovely little print shop that photographs my work (and also produces my canvas prints.) It's an hour north of Boston and I have to make the trip twice to drop off and then pick up my work, so I'm determined to spend a lot of time in my studio this week and complete as much of many in-progress pieces as possible to make the most of this trip. You can't (and shouldn't) force creative work, but you can definitely welcome inspiration and encourage productivity by spreading out your materials, rolling up your sleeves, tuning out distractions and putting yourself in the moment. I'm hoping to have several new prints, and a few original pieces, available in my shop at the start of next week.