inspired by: line juhl hansen

I didn't major in art while in college, or art history, and I can count on one hand all the art or art theory classes I've ever taken. Sadly (or perhaps thankfully) I've taught myself most of what I know, and don't have the knowledge or vocabulary to properly express what I think about most art. When I share artists or work that I like, it isn't because I know what is trending in the art world right now or that they've pioneered a particular technique, but simply because I just know what I like and perhaps if you like my art you might like the art that in turn inspires me.

I like layers of media, rustic colors from nature and folksy details. I like geometric shapes and classic typography but also carefree script and brushstrokes. And overall, I appreciate art with energy and intention, which is what I see when I look at the work of Danish artist Line Juhl Hansen. I can't really describe why I love here work so much but if you take a look I think you'll understand. It is big. It is bold. It is so simultaneously in-your-face and so subtly detailed that you can't not be drawn into it.

The fact that Hansen's portfolio and blog are both written in German meant I couldn't really decipher much about her painting process. It made me examine all her work with the freshest eyes possible and really scour the details in each negative space. I admire her use of bright, bold colors both as focal points in some pieces and in details peeking out from large swaths of black... the combinations of rust, copper patina, black and stark whitewash over found paper, stenciled numbers and scribbled symbols make me think of colors and textures found on reclaimed urban walls. Hansen is also one of those artists whose studio space is nearly as intriguing as her actual artwork... check out her studio tour here and her website here.