art, cats, plants, bricks.

Here are some photos of the big art I mentioned on Sunday... though it looks much less big hung on a big wall next to a big window. This was painted towards the end of the summer and I wasn't specifically painting it for our apartment, but Mike liked it and when it was finished it just seemed to be the perfect addition to our home.

new, big artnew, big art kitties, plants, bricks, art
new, big art
new, big art

It was inspired by a poem I wrote about standing at the edge of the ocean and is a little more abstract than a lot of my other pieces... and I love it. Beneath the paint is chunky bits of paper, metal, plastic, other scraps... some are (intentionally) peeling to reveal layers underneath. This piece is chunky, flaky, dripping, rough. Over the paint are dozens of lines of text from all kinds of poems, songs, old sea shanties, even encyclopedia descriptions of different oceans. My poem is hidden within them.

surveying the rooftops

And this is just a gratuitous photo of Chubby Boots surveying the seagulls flying down our street.

Since I spent nearly every minute of the last two months on my business, most of January is going to be spent working on personal art/crafts and other projects for our apartment... I'll try to find some good DIY projects to share!