my desk Package
The windowsill at my work desk... my own painting, a mason jar of tools and some flowers from Mike in an industrial pipe vase by Paula Art. Another recent Etsy purchase from the lovely Geninne
sketchbook sketchbookRevisiting the sketchbook from my summer road trip through the Appalachians.
Experimenting with trifold pages and little hidden photo flaps... I'll share more of this soon.
chubby boots Bike
The newest addition to our family... 12 week old Chubby Boots.
Interests: sleeping and riding bikes.
New This very large 40" x 30" commissioned painting is slowly taking shape :)Starting the largest commissioned work I have done yet... it is very intimidating at first.
What to do with a huge blank canvas? But it's coming along beautifully.
words Gym
Some script words in the commissioned piece... so much fun.
My gym has motivational sayings painted on the walls... this one is my favorite :)
mike's parents' house... horse
Back in Mike's hometown for Thanksgiving... his parents' house is full of interesting old antique things.
We went out to find them a Christmas tree in a rural area of Central Massachusetts... bonus: horses!