the charles

One thing I love about living in New England that I never experienced in Seattle is that there are really defined seasons... after months of brutal Summer heat and humidity (which I also love, inexplicably) you can walk outside and immediately turn around to get a jacket because nature suddenly decided it was Fall. These crisp days are perfect.

Mike works and goes to school in Cambridge and usually takes the subway from our apartment in South Boston, but at least once a week (lately, twice a week...) we'll drive to get breakfast together near his work. This place has such awesome smoked salmon eggs benedict for so cheap that I don't even mind that it takes half an hour to drive three miles home. It could probably take less... but we usually go around 2 or 3 in the afternoon and I end up driving home in evening rush hour traffic. My waking hours are now 11am to 4am so breakfast at 3pm is less weird than it sounds.

skyline from cambridge
The Boston skyline from Cambridge
boats at mit dock
Boats on the Charles River at the MIT dock
on the way on the charles
Harvard University, with boats practicing for the Head of the Charles regatta
trees zoe's zoe's little boston skyline mixed media
boston skyline mixed media
A little mixed media piece I created with the top photo and some new found paper.