An early morning in Shenandoah National Park. And by early I mean, I left my tent at 5:00am to charge my camera's battery in the bathroom of the campground, cleaned my telephoto lens, then walked to a clearing in the dark and hoped to catch a good sunrise and see anything worth shooting. It was freezing (part of why I woke up) and the frosted grass crunched beneath my feet the whole time.

All of these were taken with a Canon Rebel t2i, using either 200mm telephoto or 50mm f1.4 lenses.

morning deermorning meetingmorning deer
morning doemorning doe

thistlesfawn in the woods
doe in the woodsfawn feetappalachian mountains from sky ridge park
heron at harper's ferry
heron at harper's ferry
appalachian mountains from the sky ridge parkway
sitting in a tree, eating acorns, shenandoah national park
flowers and the c&o railroad
tracks at harper's ferry
my little tent in shenandoah national parkbored in a traffic jam leaving shenandoah national park

The last few were just taken on the Skyline ridge drive, the C&O railroad in Harper's Ferry, West Virginia, at my campsite in Big Meadows, and one during a traffic jam while I was bored :) I'm so excited to begin new artwork with these and the interesting stuff I've collected along the road so far.