holiday artwork sale

Um... wow. You know those days when you wake up early with a to-do list in your head and just go from one task to the next and the next and until all of a sudden its dark out and almost time for bed and it's like... where did today go? That's been me for the past few weeks, not really stressing out (yet) but definitely having many 14-hour days of carefully managed time and deadline planning and nonstop painting, packing and work.

So much work that I forgot to blog about my holiday sale! Oops.

So there you go! 20% off a ton of affordable paper and canvas artwork that you cannot get anywhere else online.

Every print and canvas is titled and signed on the back, packed in its own clear bag in very very sturdy packaging and shipped USPS Priority the next business day! I'm happy to gift wrap and ship directly to your recipient at no extra charge - just let me know! I'll post an example of how I gift wrap later this week, but I promise you it's as pretty as if I were giving it myself. My gift wrap palette is blue, tan, white, and silver... shocking, I know.

Now... I'm back to work! Today's list includes scanning 12 pages of a 1977 New York subway guide, ordering 500 mailing tubes, sanding 36 square feet of artwork and of course, packing your holiday art. And coffee. Lots of coffee.